Car Exhausts

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Exhausts dedicated for air-cooled cars

What are the crucial exhaust components that contribute to better performance and sound of your vehicle?

Whether you're looking for high-quality silencers, installation parts, pre-silencers, heat exchangers, complete exhaust sets, or our innovative active bypass muffler, we have you covered. Discover a wide range of silencers, installation parts, pre-silencers, heat exchangers, exhaust sets, and our active bypass muffler. Browse our collection today and unleash the full potential of your vehicle's exhaust system.

Selection of parts for any preferences

Explore our wide selection of silencers and exhaust components, carefully crafted to deliver optimal performance and exceptional sound. With options designed for various vehicle models and preferences, you can find the perfect silencer to suit your desired exhaust tone and style.
For those seeking enhanced noise reduction and performance, our pre-silencers are designed to complement your exhaust system. These components work in harmony to optimize sound dampening and airflow, providing a refined and enjoyable driving experience.

Exhaust sets for purists and tuning enthusiasts

If you're looking for a complete performance exhaust solution, explore our exhaust sets. These thoughtfully curated bundles include all the necessary components for a comprehensive upgrade, offering improved performance, style, and durability.

For those seeking an innovative exhaust feature, our active bypass muffler is a game-changer. Designed to provide adjustable sound levels at the touch of a button, this feature allows you to change the exhaust tone to suit your preferences and driving conditions. Loud mode not only is best suited for the track use with its racing growl but also increases the performance values. And after track day you switch to the silent mode and drive around the neighborhood safely.