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Bundles and sets

Sets designed for ultimate convenience

Our bundles and sets offer you a convenient way to transform the interior of your classic car. CarBone bundles are thoughtfully crafted, bringing together compatible products or complementary items that create a cohesive and stylish look. Explore the bundles tailored to your preferences and embark on a transformation journey that will enhance your driving experience and showcase your personal style. Contact our staff for more info about custom upholstery options.

What bundle items can I find?

Discover bundles focused on essential interior components such as floor and trunk mats, ensuring a clean appearance while providing protection for your vehicle's flooring. We also offer bundles featuring shifter kits, allowing you to enhance the performance and precision of your gear shifting experience. Additionally, our outlaw metal parts bundles showcase unique pieces like floor boards, hood grills, and coupler covers, adding a touch of vintage charm and individuality to your car.

Can I get a new interior set for my car?

For those seeking a complete interior revamp, our comprehensive bundles provide everything you need for a seamless upgrade. From floor mats to shifter kits, outlaw metal parts, seats, steering wheels and more, these bundles offer a convenient solution to elevate your classic car's interior in one go. We’ve prepared sets of whole interior product bundles for the G-model and 964 generations.

Save time on searching.

You can find here all the compatible and complementary products you need in one place, eliminating the hassle of searching through different menu categories. Experience the ease and convenience of creating a cohesive and stylish interior for your classic car with our thoughtfully curated bundles.