Carpets & Mats designed for Porsche cars

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Carpets and mats dedicated for Porsche cars

Designed to provide an elegant look to your car interior and made from high quality materials by hand to maintain the quality. The colors and patterns are carefully chosen to match the interior of your Porsche car, giving it a personalized feel. To ensure that the carpets and mats stay in place while you drive can be equipped with velcro, sliders, snaps and locking pins.

What carpets and mats materials will fit my classic car?

We offer our own houndstooth material that fits the style of OEM upholstery of the aircooled classics. You can also choose the materials that were most often used in OEM car floor mats. That is boucle (square weave) and velour. You can have the whole interior of your car matched by choosing the same material for car carpet sets, floor mats and trunk mats. You can also find accessories that you can combine with (our) interior mats to create a personalized look. Find the car interior mats in the following categories:

For which models can you get CarBone floor mats?

Our floor mats are designed to fit even the latest models and our offer is constantly expanding. You will find floor mats that can be installed in watercooled models like Boxsters, Caymans and 911 up to the current 992 generation. If you have one of the transaxle models you will find something for your 924, 944, 928 or 968, too. We can also create mats for models not yet present on our offer. Just send us your old mats as a template.

How to install the CarBone trunk liner?

You can install our trunk mats yourself using the standard mounting points in the form of snaps or velcro. Our frunk covers are equipped with velcro or clips according to the model of your car. Installation process should take you up to 5 minutes. 

Can I have a whole floor carpet for my classic car?

Your project car wouldn’t be complete without a set of interior carpet. It is the crucial part of the restoration process. Floor liners are hard to wash and over the years they accumulate dirt, smells and can hide rusty spots underneath. Changing them to a fresh set is the right step into a fresh driving environment and a rust free classic car. We offer sets for both coupe and cabrio models of the early generations like F, G and 964. We use the same materials as for our trunk and floor mats, so you can have perfectly matched interior parts in your classic car.

 Can I install your floor mats with floor boards?

Yes, you can. We even offer floor boards on our website. You can order new floor boards and floor mats as a set or just the mats if you already have the boards installed. We offer shorter floor mats that will fit the racing floor boards made by us or Rennline. Just add in the order notes that your vehicle is equipped with floor boards. 

Why should I swap vent covers in my car?

OEM vent covers are often damaged or gone when buying classic G-models. If yours are in perfect shape you may want to preserve them to increase the value of your car when reselling. You can swap your original one and safely keep it in storage while you use a more durable replacement for daily use.

Our solution is made using aluminum mesh with a rubber protection on the sides. It fits perfectly in the OEM mounting points.

What if I lost snap plates for my car?

Don’t worry, we offer snap plates that you can install in the trunk of your elfer to install the trunk liner. Boot carpet retainers are mounted exactly the same as the OEM ones and can be rotated 180 degrees to align perfectly with the mat in the trunk.