Mats for car trunk designed for Porsche cars

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Is this trunk mat worth it?

Its uniqueness lies in the use of original materials and a great fit. This doesn't happen often, but we believe your air-cooled deserves a better mat, than the old worn out one. The materials for each floor mat are hand cut, glued and stitched to ensure the best quality.

To prevent wearing out the CarBone car trunk mats are trimmed with a durable leatherette material. The trunk mat has a pocket at the front into which you can put the necessary tools or a warning triangle.

The CarBone Trunk mat does not copy the original. We’ve improved its shape and form so that it looks and fits better in the trunk compartment. To enhance the shape and overall fit, certain components are reinforced with extra material.

CarBone mat installation is just as easy as the original's mat. All the mounting points are just like the original. Therefore, during installation, we recommend that you tighten the fabric evenly and fasten it, starting with those closer to the driver's cab.

Which car models do our car mats fit?

Our trunk mats were designed to fit all the classic 911 models. All LHD F/G - models produced between 1963 - 1989 can be equipped with our standard mat covering the whole trunk area and strengthening the bottom surface.

We have also developed a version for 964 and 993 models. It uses the same materials and perfectly fits these youngtimers. The 964993 generations can be fitted with a lightweight RS variant of our mat.

Will it fit if my car has a strut brace?

Standard version of the trunk mat covers the whole trunk area leaving no place for strut brace unless you cut a hole. However, we offer a RS trunk mat that was designed for use with a strut brace and better access to the vital parts of your vehicle.

It covers the middle part of the trunk, levels and strengthens the bottom surface leaving the sides open. This allows you to check the fluids or disconnect the battery immediately after opening the trunk, which is vital when racing.

Snaps or Velcro?

In the F and G models the trunk mat is attached by snaps. In the 964 and 993 models, in later years velcro was present. If you have velcro mounts, choose this option from the list. If your vehicle is missing naps, you can buy them in our store. 

Servo/Brake booster or No Servo/Brake booster?

Please check if your car has a brake servo/booster. Compare it with the image below. Some early models of the 2.7 version didn't have the servo/brake booster and later models had it. Choosing a correct option is crucial for proper trunk mat installment.