Vent covers

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Our vent covers offer a reliable and long-lasting solution. Designed to fit seamlessly under the trunk mat, our vent covers may not be visible, but they play a vital role in protecting your HVAC equipment.

Why should you change your OEM vent covers to the CarBone one?

Crafted from high-quality aluminum mesh with rubber piping, our vent covers are flexible and durable. Unlike hardboard covers that often break in half if hit with heavy luggage, our vent covers are designed to bend and resist damage. This ensures that your HVAC equipment remains protected, no matter what you put in your trunk.

How to install the CarBone vent covers in your air-cooled classic car?

Installation is a breeze, as our vent covers have the same mounting points as the OEM cover. You won't need to make any modifications or adjustments to install them. We offer three variants of our vent covers: for F/G models with and without servo, as well as for the 912. Choose the variant that's right for your vehicle and enjoy peace of mind knowing the vital parts are protected.