R-Door Card designed for Porsche cars

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R-style door cards dedicated for Porsche cars

Our selection of door cards came to be as an easy solution to change the image of your car with an immediate effect. We have developed our own signature design that pays homage to the iconic racing models from the past.

R-style door cards are inspired by a visceral early R model from 1967. The look may be similar but the technology behind it is different. At first glance you will notice the quilting in the rear side of the panel. It makes it more interesting and allows you to personalize the door cards by choosing different colors and materials. 

What makes our R-door cards different?

The 1967 model used a horizontal strap that opened from the back of the door frame, which was not ideal as it required cutting a hole in the door to access the lock. This was changed in our door cards to a new strap opening system. It is only when you try to open the doors that you can really notice the difference.

What elements of the door cards can be modified?

Our car door panels can be modified to fit your classic elfer in any configuration. You can choose things like:

  • door lock
  • tweeter and main speaker designs
  • manual or automatic windows
  • map pocket
  • phone pocket with a wireless phone charger

Does the car door panel installation damage the car?

We design our products to make their installation always reversible and allow you to go back to the stock look. We’ve developed a new system that requires no extra modifications to the car. The door panel is secured to the door frame with a few screws and clips like the original.

The strap opening movement comes from the front of the door frame. The same as in standard G-models. This makes the installation process incredibly easy and also ensures that the car’s original look is not compromised. We are confident that our door cards will provide a secure and reliable locking system without any damage to the car.