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Shifter kits

To which models the shifter kits fit?

The shifter kits fit all models with manual gearboxes. Starting at 964, 924 and 944 and going up with any new generation up to the 991 and 718. Each kit is equipped with a set of specific pins that allow for such a wide variety of compatible models. The installation is super easy, but if you encounter any troubles see our YouTube tutorial or feel free to contact us via email at

Do numeric shifters fit with wooden knobs?

Yes, you can fit our wooden knobs to the Numeric shifter kits that are on our offer. We have developed a special adapter that allows such installation without any hassle. Now you can enjoy the proper shifting precision and fun of driving your 911 on twisty roads with the style that brings to mind the LeMans races and the iconic 917 race car.

Do these kits fit the PDK?

We are working on a solution for the PDK gearboxes, but at the moment the shifter kits are available only for cars with manual gearboxes. You can have them installed on 964 models and younger generations like 996, 997, 991 and even Cayman and Boxster models.

Can I have the knob with numbers?

Our wooden knobs are screwed in instead of pushed in, this means that the numbers wouldn’t always be positioned straight when screwed to your gear lever. That doesn’t meet our standards, so a number engraving option on the wooden knobs is not available.