Shifter Kits for Porsche cars

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Shifter kits dedicated for Porsche cars

Transform your driving experience with enhanced shifting precision and a touch of classic elegance.

Our shifter kits are compatible with a wide range of models, including the 964, 924, 944, and all subsequent generations up to the 991 and 718. Each kit is equipped with a set of specific pins that ensure a perfect fit across these various models. Installation is a breeze, but if you need assistance, reach out to us via email at Additionally you can find shifter sets by Numeric, that enhance the precision and driving experience of your air-cooled car.

Do wooden shifter knobs fit Numeric shifter kits?

One of the highlights of Numeric shifter kits is their compatibility with our wooden knobs. Our specially designed adapter allows you to effortlessly fit our wooden knobs onto Numeric shifter kits. Now, you can enjoy the precise shifting experience and the joy of driving your 911 on twisty roads while evoking the spirit of Le Mans races and the iconic 917 race car.

Are the gear shifter kits available for cars with PDK?

Please note that our shifter kits are currently designed for manual gearboxes only. We are actively working on developing a solution for PDK gearboxes. However, if you own a 964 or newer generation car, including 996, 997, 991, Cayman, or Boxster models, you can easily install our shifter kits and elevate your driving experience.

Why choose the wooden knobs?

Our wooden knobs are crafted from hand-picked exotic wood, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and a comfortable grip. The wood is naturally oiled to protect it from moisture and to enhance the vivid wood structure. While our wooden knobs can be installed on your gear lever, please note that the engraved numbers are not available. We prioritize maintaining our high standards, and the positioning of numbers may not align perfectly when screwed onto the gear lever.

Designed with vintage racing in mind

Discover the various styles of wood finishes available on our website, including:

  • Ash Wood/Smoked Oak,
  • Oak/Antique Oak,
  • Wenge/Oak,
  • Smoked Oak.

Choose the perfect wood finish that complements your classic car's interior and reflects your individual taste.
Notably, our wooden shifters are not limited to air-cooled models. They also make a stunning contrasting piece within the modern interiors of water-cooled models like the Cayman and 991. Experience the fusion of timeless design and contemporary style, evoking the spirit of iconic models like the Carrera GT and the Le Mans-driven 917.