Bunia. Lady in Guards Red.



Do you remember the Disney’s tv series called Gummi Bears? Bunia is a Polish name of Grammi Gummi. The slang dictionary says it’s a way to call an attractive woman, but I never heard about it…

We found this car in Pennsylvania and supplied it to the client in Poland. Bunia is a 911SC with wide, turbo steel fenders and a “whale tail” spoiler. Stock NA 3.0 engine with a manual 915 transmission. A great driver.


Bunia spent more time with us. 


The new owner expected the car to look like a new one. He repainted it to the factory Guards Red. After that he delivered the car and asked us to use our CarBone magic.



It wasn’t a full restoration project. We received a painted car. Technically Bunia was great and didn’t need any help. We worked on the interior and incorporated some other products we offer. 


The interior.


We did a full interior plus the trunk. We used black Alcantara with original black Porsche leather and combined them with red accents like stitching, straps and seat belts. Momo Prototipo steering wheel was reupholstered using the cross stitching correct for Porsche . It has a red central pointer. We made a matching carpet set too. Fabric is correct for Porsche. It’s wool square weave carpet. We used it for the trunk mat too. 


Black Alcantara seats with original black Porsche leather after re-upholstery.


A Momo Prototipo wrapped in black Alcantara.

A CarBone custom trunk mat. Simple and tasty.


We incorporated some of our new services and products too. Bunia is the first car we equipped with the early look aluminium dash trim. Notice, we upholstered seat belt buckles. It’s a nice detail. Normally rear buckles look bad or terrible. Organic floor boards. You may know them from #Tardza project. The shape is identical but we painted them matching to the rest black. We wanted to delete the central console to make the interior look clean. We needed to relocate AC buttons. We designed and made a plug & play panel for that purpose. 


Seat belt buckles after upholstery.

Rear seats upholstered in black Alcantara and red stitching. We also added red seat belts.

Take a closer look and find all cool details: interior mats, our dash trim and organic floor boards.


You can see a design variation of our door cards in the car. They contain aluminium window switch frames to hold window switches tight. We designed them to solve a common problem of delicate windows switch frames.


A combination of our R-door cards, RS pull straps and aluminium window switch frames.

Red straps & stitching.


We made a logo for this car. Ignition switch cover decal is the icing on the cake.


We couldn’t miss this little detail!. A custom ignition switch cover.


Do you see any radio?


But there’s a radio in the car. We installed an invisible stereo system that uses the phone as a remote control unit. Speakers and a subwoofer are installed in the car. You can’t see them because we don’t live in the ’80s anymore. Big shiny stereos and speakers are not sexy anymore. 


Other smart upgrades and products.



No spoon in the soup feeling on the gear stick anymore. We installed a shifter kit that makes it work precisely. The other common problem in most classic cars is a disappointing H1 or H4 light quality. We used our latest product, Bi LED headlights. They are fully plug and play. We painted Fuchs wheels to satin black. They look amazing combined with the red body. We lowered the car a bit to make it look better. When you open a fuel door there’s a great looking leather fuel bib that protects the fender when you refill a tank of gas. 


Fuchs wheels painted in satin black.

A custom fuel bib to protect the fender.


I barely forgot to mention the windshield mirror sticker. It’s a decor that hides glue from the mirror bracket.


Windshield mirror sticker


Time consuming? Timeless for sure.


Bunia is a great example of a good purchase when you want to personalize your Porsche but on the other hand you don’t want to spend too much time on the project. It’s a totally different car now. We spent less than  a half of a year on everything we did. It’s not too much time if we compare it to the full restoration project.