Bi-LED designed for Porsche cars

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Bi-LED headlights dedicated for air-cooled classic cars.

What are the CarBone Bi-LED headlights?

Introducing our revolutionary CarBone Bi-LED Headlights – the ultimate lighting solution for classic air-cooled cars. Engineered to provide modern functionality and enhanced safety, these headlights have undergone extreme reliability testing, conquering the demanding Dakar Rally Classic for two consecutive years (2022 and 2023). The Nantes Prestige Autos team secured an impressive 2nd place in the H2 class and 8th place overall, highlighting the exceptional performance of our CarBone headlights.

Designed with safety in mind.

Designed with precision, our Bi-LED headlights offer a brighter and sharper beam pattern, significantly improving the driver's field of view. With quick start functionality, eye-friendly illumination, and intense white light evenly distributed, these LED lights ensure both safety and ecological efficiency. We've packed advanced LED technology and high-quality components into compact dimensions, providing unparalleled lighting quality. Notably, our headlights feature top-notch lenses widely used by renowned Japanese car manufacturers and original "E" marked Hella lenses.

Will these headlights fit my air-cooled car?

CarBone headlights are specifically designed for older Porsche models, offering a hassle-free plug-and-play installation experience. Regardless of whether you have H1, H4, or H5 headlights, our headlights are compatible and can be effortlessly installed. H1 and H4 switches are the same, and if you have H5 bulbs, adapters are available to switch to H4. While the headlights can be traditionally leveled using screws on the outer ring, please note that they are not compatible with the electric leveling system of the 964 model. However, they can be installed in place of the original headlights and adjusted using a screwdriver, similar to older models.

Why should I choose them over other products?

Unlike previous LED lighting systems that used separate projectors for low and high beams, our innovative Bi-LED system integrates both functions into a single projector with a movable diaphragm, similar to bixenon projectors. Experience the convenience and versatility of our Bi-LED headlights, offering improved visibility and adaptability on the road.

At CarBone, we prioritize customer satisfaction. If you encounter any difficulties during installation, our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you.

Features and Advantages of CarBone Bi-LED Headlights:


  • Easy installation process.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Simple assembly system without modifications to H7 and H4 sockets.
  • High reliability with no need for periodic filament replacements.
  • Crisp white emission spectrum (5500K).
  • Modern and advanced device.
  • High light brightness, up to twice as bright as conventional xenon modules and significantly brighter than halogen lights.
  • Uniform lighting area.
  • Low energy consumption, leading to battery and fuel savings.

Compatible with Porsche models:
F-model (1964-1973)
G-model (1974-1989)
964 model (1989-1994)