Gauge Faces designed for Porsche cars

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Car gauge faces? Personalization first

Cars are a reflection of their owners. It often happens that they are being chosen just from a first glance? What makes them answer to a dream. They suit the owner's need in the area of brand name, model, speed parameters. But there are lots of such models equipped with regular factory parts? Although they are of very good quality or innovative.  

When will the car become unique? If it is completely matched to its owner and customized up to the owner's needs. CarBone offers a huge variety of accessories that can change exterior or interior standard versions of cars into customized ones. One of the most visible features to be noticed immediately by users can be completely new and unusual gauge faces for cars.  CarBone has plenty of them? Is then the ultimate shopping destination for any gauge face needs.

Gauge faces? Safety merged with beauty

A car dashboard, popularly called clocks or indicators? Presents basic information about a car's components state, as well as shows how it is behaving currently. Car gauges are the information center for a user? Giving instant feedback at every moment of a journey. Should, therefore, car users be stuck with what the factory decided would be the best look? Even if faces for cars were created in order to make a car ride safe - a little bit of color or other customization with CarBone added to a gray and indistinct car dashboard will link security with pleasure.

Gauge faces for cars? Why to change?

Car dash is one of the most visible and frequently looked at areas of your car. Though designed with an above-standard quality to protect the car information desk - users may feel bored with current gauge faces. Why not restore your model? A simple set of car gauge faces will bring a breath of fresh air to your favorite vehicle and will certainly make clocks dash a lot more interesting to look at! Despite the fact that gauge faces are located behind a protective layer of clear plastic and they typically don't suffer from damage or spills? They can be crushed or  simply be a subject to an operational wear. 

Regardless of the reason Car Interior Parts? CarBone provides its customers a wide selection of excellent products.Surprise your friends with an unusual look!

Wide offer range

In order to transform the look of any gauge faces for cars for the better, CarBone delivers stylish designs using expressive colors, backlighting with distinctive hues, all materials visibly higher in quality than standard versions.

Customers have the opportunity to change colors and shapes to feel satisfied with the car interior more than ever. CarBone dash equipment matches the size, shape and placement of originals, so they can be easily swapped in place. However, producers suggest having them professionally installed to avoid any malfunctions that may influence car safety.

Along the left side of the CarBone gauge products section screens, there are check boxes that make it easy to narrow selection by gauge type, year of production as well as sort by name, price or date. The whole range of products available within a few days, if not additionally customized on request.

Related product categories

Gauge faces set

Chosen from a huge variety of models to exactly match to customers car models by filtering: 

  • measurement (kph or mph),
  • model it should be adjusted for,
  • gearbox type (manual/automatic); 

Accessories for tachometers

A great selection of tachometers filtered by: 

  • transmission (manual or automatic),
  • variant (with LCD or without it); 

Black gauge faces in mph/kph

for black color lovers, CarBone designed fully black gauges that are produced in two versions (C2/C4) and with or without LCD included; 

Backdating in mph/kph

retro style is ruling the world today; it is easy with CarBone to stay trendy and order one of backdating car faces;they are produced in two versions (C2/C4) and with or without LCD included.

Gauge faces for cars? Super extra customization

The producer offers to design and produce gauge faces in extraordinary mode. If the customer likes to buy a set that differs from an offered on page color line in blue, green, red, white or yellow ? new outstanding customized equipment of gauge faces will be available within two weeks.

Visit to search for excellent experience using personalized cars gauge faces for a majority of car models at reasonable price and with quick dispatch period. The company provides its customers with professional technical knowledge and quick tech support in case of using Contact ? CarBone.