Porsche Parts

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OEM Porsche Parts dedicated for air-cooled cars.

Here is your one-stop destination for authentic components designed to maintain the integrity and performance of your Porsche models. We offer a selection of genuine parts that cater to the specific needs of discerning enthusiasts.

Headlight Leveling Switch:

The genuine headlight leveling switch that ensures your car's lighting system operates flawlessly. This switch guarantees seamless adjustments to optimize headlight angles, enhancing visibility and safety during your journeys.

Wheel Hub Cap with Porsche Crest:

Elevate your car's aesthetic with the wheel hub cap featuring the iconic Porsche crest. Each hub cap fits precisely on your vehicle's wheels. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this genuine part perfectly embodies the brand's legacy. Available in black or silver.

Steering Wheel Contact Plate:

Designed exclusively for 964 and 993 models, this authentic component ensures seamless communication between the steering wheel and vehicle systems, contributing to responsive reaction of your horn button.

Why Choose OEM Porsche Parts:

Authenticity: Our OEM Porsche parts are sourced directly from the manufacturer, guaranteeing the same quality and performance as the original components.

Fitment: Perfect compatibility with Porsche models ensures a hassle-free installation, maintaining the vehicle's optimal functionality.

Reliability: Count on the durability and longevity of genuine parts to ensure your car remains in peak condition, maintaining its value over time.

Preservation: By choosing genuine components, you preserve the authenticity and heritage of your car, contributing to its timeless appeal.


At CarBone, we understand the importance of using authentic parts to keep your classic car performing at its best. Browse our selection of genuine headlight leveling switches, wheel hub caps and steering wheel contact plates designed exclusively for 964 and 993 models. Elevate your car experience with components that mirror the brand's legacy of innovation and performance.