Floor mats designed for Porsche cars

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Floor mats dedicated for Porsche cars

Floor mats for Porsche cars are designed to protect the interior of the car and keep it in its original condition. They come in a variety of colors and styles, offering customization, extra traction, and easy cleaning.

Three main materials are available for the mats: Boucle square weave, soft in touch velour, and signature houndstooth. There are a variety of colors available to match the interior of the car. If in doubt, customers can contact specialists for advice.

Which material to choose for floor mats?

We have three main materials available for our interior mats.  If you want some more unique look but still retaining the classic style choose our signature houndstooth material. A variation about the iconic motif adapted to the floor area of the car. 

Boucle square weave resembles the OEM textile giving your classic car the period correct vintage look. Another classic choice would be our soft in touch velour, fitting well in the 964 generation. You can also order custom car mats that will be made using different colors of materials, stitching and trimming.

What colors of floor mats are available?

Depending on the material we have a variety of colors available, so you can always match our mats to the interior of your car. In each product you can see a selection of sample colors to choose. If you have doubts which will match the interior of your car please contact our specialists. Our team is always ready to help and answer all your questions.

Which mounting points do we use?

To prevent sliding around our car floor mats not only have a felt layer but are equipped with mounts that will fit the OEM ones in your car. Velcro is the most common solution that successfully keeps the mats in place, but there are other options. In 964 there were metal sliders that kept the carpet still, younger models have clips or locked pins. All of the mentioned mounts can be fitted to our car mats and purchased separately to install in your car.