His wideness - The RWB Utsukushi
RWB (short for RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF) is a company founded by perhaps one of the most famous tuners on Earth. Based out of a small garage in Chiba, Akira Nakai, who developed his passion for automobiles as a race car driver. Nakai specializes in tuning older models in a distinctive style, giving them a more rugged design. The transformation always happens with the artist at helm doing the work manually, making each of his projects unique. This approach is very close to us. That’s why we took this build to our workshop for a technical and visual overhaul of the interior.
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MojeEgo - A vivid reflection of one's personality
MojeEgo means MyEgo. Usually, we come up with the name for the car. We initially named it Frodo, but one day, the owner said, "From today, let's call it Moje Ego." It took me a moment to process this suggestion. Having studied Freud’s theory of personality at the Academy of Fine Arts, I quickly realized the brilliance of the name. I don't want to make you bored, but in essence, ego represents an aspect of a person's identity, linked with the concept of the "self". This car is a reflection of the owner's personality and aesthetic preferences. 0 to 1 situation where you love it or hate it.
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We are thrilled to unveil our latest project a 912 #StuttGeist. 
#StuttGeist is a 1969 912, with a rebuilt, modest 1.6 on Webbers, all new or restored mechanics. Although it drives awesome, that's not the point in this case. It shows that we are only limited by our imagination, and any vision can be realized. 
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Do you remember the movie "The Shining"? There was a scene where a boy named Danny kept saying "REDRUM."

That car used to be red. That's why every time I passed that thing sitting in our garage, I kept saying "REDRUM." However, that car wasn't in a horrifying state at all. 

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Criollo - created from passion
Criollo was produced as a classic 911 SC in 1978. 
Important car models era. A lot of game-changing inventions and events. New pope, Jan Pawel II, a year of Kobe Bryant born, Miroslaw Hermaszewski as a first Pole in space, LaserDisc player, BMW M1, FSO Polonez and Grease movie.
Criollo is a classic SC Targa stroked to 3.2. There’s a lot of genius technical upgrades and a story behind them. I’ll tell you more about that later. 
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Revitalizing Rob, a 1975 Porsche 911: A Transformation Journey
How the journey began.
The Rob project is a 1975 right-hand drive masterpiece featuring a factory 2.7-liter engine. Hailing from the UK, the owner approached us with concerns about his car's condition. At first he wanted it to be restored to stock condition. After a swift email exchange we decided to pick up the car and inspect it at our workshop.
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