Criollo - created from passion
Criollo was produced as a classic 911 SC in 1978. 

Important car models era. A lot of game-changing inventions and events. New pope, Jan Pawel II, a year of Kobe Bryant born, Miroslaw Hermaszewski as a first Pole in space, LaserDisc player, BMW M1, FSO Polonez and Grease movie.

Criollo is a classic SC Targa stroked to 3.2. There’s a lot of genius technical upgrades and a story behind them. I’ll tell you more about that later. 
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The 964 Targa – A perfect wedding car

“Porsche 964… I always loved that shape. For me those cars are like jewelry.” – client told me

“As I will get married soon I want it to be my wedding car. Let’s make it unique, in a Porsche way. And get rid of that old car smell!”

So what else could we say – “Let’s do it!”

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REDRUM – built to love every day driving.

A classic Porsche is a dream come true for many people. Once that dream is fulfilled, it’s often the case that you don’t want to use your dream car every day. And we want to change that. If you don’t know what Redrum is yet, in short, it’s an idea for a complete rebuilding of the aircooled classic, focusing on its interior.

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Less is more. Always?
Sometimes there is only a room for an upgrade and sometimes an empty space for a need to be fulfilled. Of course we know the famous saying referring to everything car related (which most often is true), reminded by purists and track aficionados: „Less i more”. But what if without some things you can not complete some of your dreams… Taking skies and additional, putting a bicycle or just packing a huge luggage for a long trip.
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Queen. A beautiful project car we build.
Yes, if we expect highest quality. And there’s a reason to keep it as a secret. We have noticed nobody wants to wait a few years for a car to be built. That is too long. Time destroys your expectations. It would be way easier to get
a car within a half of a year, right? This project is about it. Choose the interior options, materials, colors and other details like a wireless charger, an invisible sound system, a suspension or wheels. We already have the body and leave you choices that can make you happy or even more happier. And we can finish the car within a half of a year. 
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Tardza. The recycled Porsche.
Tar-tza. It is a combination of the name “targa” and the word “rdza” (Polish for rust). Tardza ​​is a Carrera 3.2 from 1984. The original owner had a drug addiction. He lived in this car with his dog. I know he lost contact with reality. He lost his moderation. He lost the car. I don’t even know his name. I don’t know what happened to the man. I don’t know what happened to the dog. I know that the car had a collision that decided its fate.
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Bunia. Lady in Guards Red.

Do you remember the Disney’s tv series called Gummi Bears? Bunia is a Polish name of Grammi Gummi. The slang dictionary says it’s a way to call an attractive woman, but I never heard about it…

We found this car in Pennsylvania and supplied it to the client in Poland. Bunia is a 911SC with wide, turbo steel fenders and a “whale tail” spoiler. Stock NA 3.0 engine with a manual 915 transmission. A great driver.

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