Roof racks dedicated for Porsche cars

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Roof rack designed by CarBone

Our roof rack provide:

• a durable stainless steel frame
• portability and storage for your convenience
• a seamless integration with easy removal

How to personalize a car roof rack to truly make it your own?

Request custom engravings or choose from a wide range of colors from the renowned RAL palette. Express your unique taste and elevate your driving experience. We have meticulously crafted this rack with a vintage flair, specifically tailored to complement the roof line of your beloved elfer. After two years of rigorous testing and continuous design improvements, we proudly present the Targa version - a true game- changer. The first of its kind to seamlessly fit targa models.

Unparalleled Fit for Targa Models from 1967 to 1993

Our Targa Roof Rack has been engineered to perfectly fit a range of iconic targa models, including the 912, F-model, G-Model, and 964. Say goodbye to compatibility concerns - this rack is tailor-made for perfection. Crafted entirely by hand, we ensure consistent quality and craftsmanship that surpasses expectations.

Durable Stainless Steel Frame for Enduring Security

Safety and durability are our top priorities. With a robust stainless steel frame, our roof rack guarantees secure support for all your precious cargo, be it luggage or spare parts. Rest assured, no matter where your adventurous spirit takes you, our rack will withstand the journey.

Seamless Integration with Easy Removal

Enjoy the freedom of easily removing your roof whenever you desire. Thanks to the front clams, conveniently unscrew them from the rack and tilt it back. Taking off your roof has never been easier or more efficient - simply follow the same procedure as usual.

Protective Features for a Pristine Finish

We understand the importance of preserving your car's impeccable paintwork. Each CarBone Targa Roof Rack comes with transparent, silicon edging that not only prevents scratches but also enhances the grip of the clams. Your car will remain pristine, while the rack securely carries your essentials.

Portability and Storage Made Simple

We've made transportation effortless with our foldable roof rack. It conveniently fits into a specially designed bag, inspired by military style. The included roof bag ensures hassle - free storage, allowing you to fold and store the rack in the trunk of F and G models.

Cargo Net for Secure Road Trips

Our essential accessory, the cargo net, ensures the secure fastening of spare parts and luggage on your roof rack. Available in vibrant red or classic black, the set includes four adjustable straps, providing optimal support for heavier items like spare wheels. You can even add mahogany wood planks for even better practicality. Find the accessories here.