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Carpet sets dedicated for air-cooled Porsche 911 models

CarBone Premium Floor Liners for Classic Air-Cooled Cars

At CarBone, we pride ourselves on crafting exquisite interior parts, and our collection of handmade floor liners and trunk mats is no exception. Designed specifically for air-cooled car enthusiasts, our floor mats are a perfect blend of functionality and vintage style. Now, we're thrilled to expand our line with a comprehensive carpet set, ideal for your restoration project.

Transform Your Interior with CarBone Car Carpets

With minimal effort, CarBone car carpets can completely revitalize the character of your beloved "9eleven" interior. These carpets cover a significant and highly visible portion of your car's interior, instantly refreshing its appearance. What sets us apart is our use of original, unparalleled materials. Our renowned Houndstooth floor carpets are truly unique and perfectly complement the charm of a vintage car. Choose from black-grey or brown houndstooth mats to experience a sense of comfort, quality, and class like never before.

Unmatched Quality and Fit

CarBone's Carpet set is exclusively produced by us, ensuring its one-of-a-kind status. We pay meticulous attention to detail, hand-cutting, gluing, and stitching each panel to ensure the highest quality. The car mats are elegantly trimmed with durable leatherette material, guaranteeing longevity and style. Rest assured, your air-cooled classic car deserves nothing less than the best, and our CarBone floor car liners deliver precisely that.

An Array of Material Options

Discover our best-selling car mats made from our original material, Houndstooth. Available in black-grey, grey, or brown, Houndstooth car mats add a touch of vintage elegance to your interior. Additionally, we offer velour and boucle car mats crafted from the same materials originally used during your car's production period. Each material is available as a separate product, providing you with a wide array of genuine colors to choose from. Whether it's shades of beige, browns, reds, burgundy, or solid black, we can match it to any vintage car.

Personalized Assistance

We understand that choosing the perfect floor liners for your classic air-cooled car can be a daunting task. That's why we're here to help. If you're uncertain about the ideal option for your vehicle, simply send us an email along with pictures of your car, and our knowledgeable team will be delighted to assist you. Additionally, if you wish to customize the color of trimming or stitching, feel free to contact us for further details.

Important Information and Considerations

Please note the following details when making your purchase:

Right-hand drive (RHD) versions are available only for models manufactured between 1974 and 1983. If you own an RHD from a different year, kindly get in touch with us, and after consultation, you can send us your carpets for accurate measurements.

G-models featured a rubber pad on the central tunnel. To maintain a clean and polished look, our carpets do not include inserts for these rubber pads.

Production time for our carpets is approximately 4 weeks, excluding shipping.

Compatible Generations:

Our carpets fit the following generations of classic air-cooled elfer:

We constantly expand our offer. If you don’t see your desired product, contact us and maybe we will be able to make one just for you.

The CarBone Carpet set includes everything you need for your car. From carpet patches for the driver and passenger area to the sides, central console, rear floor, and seat area, our comprehensive set ensures full coverage. As an added bonus, a set of CarBone floor mats is also included!