We have developed our own interior for classic 964 model. We can cover the floor with a set of neatly elements we’ve been developing for about two years...


Our CarBone Bi-LED headlights are designed to make a classic air-cooled eleven a more modern and safe car significantly improving the driver’s field of view with a bright and sharp beam pattern...


CarBone Dash Trim. A great way for backdating the car inside, to make it more F-model inspired. It is also perfect to customize the interior in general...


We have designed a rack with a vintage flair perfectly fitting all models from 1965 to 1998 including: 912, F-model, G-Model 964 and 993. The rack is handmade, stainless steel with adjustable clamps...


The 964 Targa – A perfect wedding car

“Porsche 964… I always loved that shape. For me those cars are like jewelry.” – client told me

“As I will get married soon I want it to be my wedding car. Let’s make it unique, in a Porsche way. And get rid of that old car smell!”

So what else could we say – “Let’s do it!”

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Technical decals, stickers and plates.
Golden stickers that were originally used on the engine compartment. 

Some of you know, our business started with a set of technical decals for the first Porsche I have ever had, a 911 SC Targa. My restoration process stuck with me trying to source technical decals for my car. Nobody offered them. I realized the only one way to get the right set for my car would be to recreate them. The most complicated thing was to find good documentation. Thanks to Pelican Parts forum I managed to do it. 
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What are the advantages of owning a luxury sports car? Everyone knows: exceptional engineering and performance.

And what can you do to improve your experience? CarBone.

Your destination for quality car interior & exterior accessories. So you can easily elevate your ride with car floor mats, car roof racks or any other cool car accessories.

"If the genie drove a luxury car..." 

It all began with a sticker. Which was really 500 stickers”, says Paweł Kalinowski when asked about the beginnings of his company, a small workshop in Łódź, Poland, called CarBone. The story is quite unique, even for the luxury car owner. And they are not so little anymore. Just ask the guy from Greenland.

Paweł used to be an IT guy and purchased his first luxury car in 2014. She was missing a few items, including five technical stickers in the engine bay. All Paweł had to do was to reproduce the originals and have them printed. Simple, right?
A week later a package was delivered, containing not 5, but 500 stickers which was the minimum number that could be ordered. It quickly turned out that there were more people with this need. A flood of orders on Pelican Parts quickly followed, along with inquiries. Starting from more stickers, through full liveries and basic modifications, to the first specialty - a car roof rack. Remember the RUF Rodeo? Yes, that car roof rack, soon complemented by car floor mats and trunk mats, bi-LED headlamps, and a redesigned AC panel. The demand for products surged, leading to diverse offerings, from stickers and full liveries to our specialty car products. Components made in Poland began to make their way around the world: Japan, Australia, South Africa, and the US. That order from Greenland was no joke.

The people who did the car floor mats suddenly turned to making complete upholstery kits. An entire design studio was established, where 3D models are created and put in a virtual visualization of the cars. The prototypes of new components would come to life for testing. Thus the company grew to 36 members. And what about Paweł? Well, he had left behind the old job to pursue his desires.

Our team consists of passionate individuals who are not only skilled but also deeply committed to fostering a sense of community. Each of them can add their input and suggestions in any project to ensure that the visual design goes hand in hand with the practical qualities of the component. That is how a wireless charger, a hidden stereo system, and an active bypass muffler all came to life. These products, just like the cars they are made for, are designed for hard use. Just note that some CarBone products have survived the Dakar Rally. Twice. Other items can be admired in exceptional project cars by the likes of Bisimoto, RWB, or The Indecent. Many of them were displayed at events such as the Luftgekühlt or SEMA and every single one has its own story to tell. Sometimes that history needs to be cherished and preserved, while in other cases, it begs to be turned 180 degrees. As cliché as it sounds, you know it is true, and so do the craftspeople from Łódź. Every machine that rolls onto the shop floor is given a name that reflects its past and unique charm. Tardza, Queen, Redrum, Criollo – these are not simple nicknames but indications of the development and final form of a project. Yes, CarBone refers to the brand’s history, drawing the best from it and improving the rest. Although keeping the original form is not their thing. This is a place for ones that let their imagination run wild, seeking extraordinarily.

Just like a genie, CarBone is here to make your automotive dreams come true. Share your wishes, preferences, and aspirations with us, and our team will transform them into reality. You get a personal assistant, while the CarBone team handles the rest, ready to advise, explain, and create, so you can just boss around and keep on dreaming.

Together, we blend aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that every design element seamlessly aligns with the practical qualities of the component. The result? Products that exceed expectations, such as our durable car floor mats and precision-engineered car roof racks.

At CarBone, we understand that your luxury car is more than just a vehicle; it's an expression of your passion and individuality. That's why we treat each order that enters our workshop with the utmost care and attention to detail. From meticulous customizations to tailored car floor mats and flawlessly engineered car roof racks, we ensure that every component enhances your driving experience.

If you prefer, you can buy individual parts at one of our partner shops and handle the installation yourself. Alternatively, let our experts assist you with the installation, whether it's just a few components or a complete car interior set with custom upholstery and door cards that you have ordered from CarBone HQ. But if you dream big, we offer a fully custom, mechanically certified vehicle delivery service, ready to make more smiles per mile with every prod of the throttle pedal. The experience of building a project car has just reached an entirely new level. It only takes a few minutes at our premises to ignite your appetite for your own unique luxury car, taking in only the best parts of the experience.
And what about the stickers? They are still available.

Explore our wide range of accessories and let CarBone be your trusted partner in elevating your luxury car to new heights of style and performance. With our car floor mats and car roof racks, your driving experience will be enhanced, and heads will turn as you cruise the streets in style.
So, why wait? Contact us today to embark on your journey of personalization and transformation. We are here to fulfill your automotive desires, one exceptional accessory at a time.