SOLD - Porsche 911 964 Carrera 2 automatic, 1991, 120.760 km – 65000€
The description will be short and simple. The car looks and runs perfect. This Porsche 964 was manufactured in 1991 and supplied to Canada. Imported to Poland in 2015. Guards Red with black interior. 120760 km on the clock. Original paint. Great condition. The engine and transmission runs smoothly. New tires. New battery. All fluids up to date. Everything works. Nothing to say more. Pure perfection.
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SOLD - Porsche 911 Carrera 2 manual 964, 1990, 235.000km – 69000 EUR
The car drives and looks great. Absolutely everything works in it and is fully complete, no accidents. It is a unique version, because the car has NOT been equipped with air conditioning at the factory. That’s right – it is not there and it is extremely rare. The color is a beautiful blue called Marine Blue Metallic. The interior also matches the rest with navy blue leather. Carrera 2 stands for rear-wheel drive. And this, combined with the manual gearbox, is the most coveted combination of the last classic-looking Porsche. I agree that the 993 is the last classic Porsche, but the 964 is the last of those that look like a real classic Porsche 911.
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Porsche 356 Speedster replica Gulf style
An amazing Porsche 356 Speedster replica designed with fabricated elements, with no off-the-shelf parts. The car is in perfect condition.
It is a GOOD replica, built from scratch by our client’s and his friend’s hands. We were responsible for interior upholstery and a new folding roof.
356 is an urban traveler with the soul of a Le Mans racing devil. It guarantees an unforgettable adventure and great impressions. Full documentation of the construction is available for the person concerned to buy it. This car has never failed on the road. More than once we have seen a much faster car left behind in the rear mirror.
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SOLD – Porsche 911 Coupe 2.7 MY75 US import
Solid 911 2.7 produced in 11/74 with 915 Gearbox. The car was originally Bitter Chocolate but during his life it was repainted to Guards Red. Due to the age red paint started to chip off giving superb “patina” look. Interior is Cinnamon. Car has 110k miles on the clock. Porsche Production Specification Certificate.
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SOLD – Porsche 964 Carrera 4 ‘ Redrum’, 1992

The car is called REDRUM. It is a red Porsche 964 Carrera 4 from 1992.  The idea is simple. We want to rebuild the car to bring it closer to modernity, but at the same time keeping its classic character.

And what is your role in this project? You can make your childhood dreams come true. This car can be build for you and then delivered to you. No matter how far away you live. The REDRUM is already technically perfect. It is truly a stock Carrera 4. Stock enough to introduce some changes. Or maybe even unacceptably stock. Still, it forms perfect canvas for the potential modifications. Certainly, the car should be lowered. Let’s also put on side skirts, because it looks much better with them than without them.

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SOLD - 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 ‘Tardza’

How is it pronounced? 

Tar-tza. It is a combination of the name “targa” and the word “rdza” (Polish for rust).

Tardza ​​is a Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 from 1984. The original owner had a drug addiction. He lived in this car with his dog. I know he lost contact with reality. He lost his moderation. He lost the car. I don’t even know his name. I don’t know what happened to the man. I don’t know what happened to the dog. I know that the car had a collision that decided its fate.

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SOLD – Porsche 911 ‘Queen’

Is there any reason to build a secret car project for around 3 years?

Yes, if we expect high quality. And there’s a reason to keep it as a secret. We have noticed nobody wants to wait a few years for a car to be built. Too long. Time destroys your expectations. It would be way easier to get a car within a half of a year, right? This project is about it. Choose the interior options, materials, colors and other details like wireless charger, invisible sound system, stiffness of the suspension or wheels. We already combined the rest and left you choices that can make you happy or happier. And we can finish the car within a half of a year. 

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SOLD – 1990 Porsche 964 Carrera 2
A beautiful Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Coupe manual for sale. The car was manufactured in 1990 and supplied for the European market. Around 317000 km on the clock but don’t get it as a reason to complain. The car runs and drives perfectly. Beautiful Marine Blue Metallic. Color code: 35V. Interior is black. Desirable manual transmission. Cup Italian replica wheels. The car had an accident in the past. The right rear fender was replaced by a Porsche Service Center. Unfortunately the work wasn’t done correctly. There’s a big bubble on the paint on the top welding part of the fender, close to the rear quarter window. Technically the car is perfect. Everything works. It’s a great car if you consider buying a reliable daily driver.
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SOLD – 1977 Porsche 911 Targa 3.2
Porsche 911 Targa from 1977 with a 3.2 engine and a matching 915 transmission. The car is painted to the Guards Red but the factory color was Copper Brown Metallic. Beige interior. 185000 miles on the clock. Boxster roller wheels. Engine works but there’s a big oil leak. The engine needs to be rebuilt. Casual rusty spots in B pillars. Rear skinny fender arches were replaced by Carrera ones. Not the perfect job. There’s a lot of rust in between on the welding area. The car was bought in the US. Unfortunately it was damaged by the shipping company during the transportation to our place. Windshield, hood with the lock and the panel under the windshield need to be replaced. It’s a great base for a backdating project because the engine is not matching but it’s stronger. Moreover, mentioned body parts need to be replaced anyway.
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