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Badges and emblems

Introducing CarBone custom rear deck lid badges and emblems, meticulously crafted for various air-cooled Porsche models. Each emblem and badge is designed to add a touch of authenticity and personalized style to your classic Porsche.

CarBone Flat Six Engine Grill Metal Badge:

Ideal for classic generations like the F/G-models, this emblem showcases the iconic Flat Six engine. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these badges are suitable for both air-cooled and water-cooled Porsche generations. To maintain an authentic vintage look, we use technology from the '70s, foregoing CNC and computer processes.

Rear Deck Lid Emblem:

Unleash your creativity with our customizable rear deck lid emblems. Available in a variety of colors and customizable scripts, these emblems allow you to make a bold statement and add a personal touch to your Porsche. For those seeking a distinct finish, the "custom" option offers a sleek clear carbon fiber look.

Engine Capacity Emblem:

We offer the flexibility to arrange any combination of numbers, allowing you to proudly display your car's engine displacement. 

How to install the emblem on the grill?

Installation is hassle-free and ensures a secure fit. Simply insert the threads through the grill, add the stainless steel plate, washers, and emblem, and secure it with the provided self-locking nuts. To accommodate different preferences, we also offer the option to use high-quality 3M tape for attachment.

How can I customize the emblems and badges?

At CarBone, we believe in offering choices, and our custom rear deck lid badges and emblems are no exception. Select from a range of colors, including black matte letters on a black semi-gloss pad or silver glossy letters on a black semi-gloss pad, to perfectly match your Porsche's style.

Make your air-cooled Porsche stand out with CarBone custom rear deck lid badges and emblems. Experience the perfect blend of authenticity, style, and personalization. Visit our website and explore the options to find the emblem that best reflects your Porsche's unique character.