AC Panel designed for Porsche cars

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AC Panels dedicated for 964 and 993

One of our signature products. Designed and assembled entirely in house. It replaces the original panel and changes the sliders to the very intuitive in use knobs.

The CarBone AC panel is fully illuminated with a warm light that doesn't distract but makes it easier to operate while driving at night. It is scaled to 9, 6 and 4 as a hidden easter egg.

How do I install the AC panel in my car?

Installation is super easy. It was designed by us to be plug & play with OEM hardware of 964 and 993 models. With the included in the box tools you pull the main unit out. Then detach the front panel and you will only need to connect one plug to the control unit.

What options are available?

There are two versions available in two finish options. The first variant of our AC control unit is a standard version with the dimensions of the OEM panel. It fits perfectly with the stock dashboard of the 964/993We have also prepared a backdated model, where the panel is fully integrated into the dashboard with the help of our dash trim. You can also choose between the silver or anodized black finish for the knob details.

Can I install the CarBone AC panel in the G-model?

G-models had a completely different system controlling the AC. It was completely analog using rods and cables to pull the right valves. AC control units in 964 and 993 models are electronic and won’t fit in older generations like the G-model. Our AC panel is dedicated for the younger generations of 993 and 964 and can only be installed into these cars.