Design. Easier said than done.


How design works in a few words? Idea, inspiration, design, implementation. Some projects take
a while, other ones last forever. There’s no rule.

I draw, paint, design since I can remember. And thanks to my older brother a car brand called Porsche is a huge part of my life. I love to mix them together. I love to find a way to modify their cars, I love to play with their shapes. I always say one image is worth a thousand words. For me, personally, the easiest way to show the client how great of a car we can build is to prepare a project. Using these skills shortens finding the final shape of the car. Normally I use a pic of the car as a base. 



When I draw by hand, I use calque. It allows me to mix layers and to switch shapes I like or dislike easily. I can combine outlines with layers of colors too. Way easier to choose the best combinations and to discuss it with customers. I draw digitally too by using the app called Procreate. There are a few reasons I use it – steps backward, only one pen, easier to send the project by email or WhatsApp. I draw to find a general idea and color combination for the car we build. I use drawing as a first step of digital designing too. 

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I use them for designing posters and some parts like gauge faces or switch frames. They are super precise and allow me to prepare projects for printing, cutting, etc. 


Recently we started using 3D platforms like Blender to make our previews look more realistic. Customers always appreciate it. It’s easier to understand the feeling of structures, fabrics we use in our builds.



I always try to go beyond mediums we know. I love to play with non-typical materials. I made an artwork using things I found on a junkyard, in trash bin. I named it “The heap of rubbish”. I used rubber, metal, some leather.
I used the materials that make up the G-model. I found them in random places. I wanted to show what makes the image is an idea and determination. The artwork was placed on the auction to support Benton Performance after the terrible fire. 


What inspires me? I was born, grew up and live in Lodz, Poland. The city
is famous for textile manufacturing. My parents used to have a sewing factory. That’s probably why I love to use structures and patterns in my posters and works. I love to combine them together. I love to create. It’s
a kind of an obsession. Sometimes I can’t sleep until I note my graphical idea. Sometimes I don’t sleep because I design. Of course, I need to rest sometimes too. But fortunately creating is the most relaxing thing I know.