Less is more. Always?



Sometimes there is only a room for an upgrade and sometimes an empty space for a need to be fulfilled. Of course we know the famous saying referring to everything car related (which most often is true), reminded by purists and track aficionados: „Less i more”. But what if without some things you can not complete some of your dreams… Taking skies and additional, putting a bicycle or just packing a huge luggage for a long trip.




There were no classic looking, vintage, basket like racks. We started digging the history of accessories for aircooled models. Except for the Leitz rack that had been produced years ago and is hardly available now, there was nothing else on the market. We came across a Karmann Ghia roof rack that resembled what we had imagined. Beautiful, smooth bent, polished steel combined with wooden bars were an inspiration for a new CarBone roof rack for air cooled models.








We started to design a CarBone roof rack along the shapes of an old Porsche arched roof line. After a couple of hand made prototypes we made CAD drawings that enabled precise CNC production of the elements.



During prototyping we found out that we can build a roof rack that can be taken off, disassembled and put in a trunk when not used. We even constructed a special bag for it inspired by military bags and tool bags.






All racks are hand welded, made of stainless steel and hand polished for the best visual effect. Apart from the stainless steel version it is possible to order a full powder coated one on request. Black roof rack is our most popular though.





Rain gutters defined the way of attaching the basket to the car. We made clamps which grab the gutters and are tightened by a single screw. The clamps come with silicon guards so nothing can harm the paint of the car.



Soon we added necessary accessories such as mahogany wood planks
and a cargo net:




We are proud and happy that the CarBone roof racks made a lot of trips around the world within a reach. Covering thousands of kilometers, carrying essential equipment either for a trip to the mountains or spare tires for track days. For some enthusiasts it also became a stylish decorative accessory that gives the car even more vintage flair.