Petrolicious collaboration


Do you know anyone who doesn’t recognize Petrolicious? I don’t think so. They create quality, original videos and articles about classic cars, top automotive brands for classic cars enthusiasts. The publications often carry nostalgic stories about forgotten car brands, models, they perfectly grasp the beauty of classic motoring. These are true stories that always win.


For us Petrolicious is a bunch of good car friends. We started collaborating in the middle of 2017 being invited to display our posters in their online shop gallery. We continue designing new posters but we also started designing graphic video titles that can be seen at the beginning of every Petrolicious video. All of the graphics were designed regarding particular car model, its history and a reference to the era it comes from. You can see them at Petrolicious YouTube channel

Lately, we have worked together on a series of posters for a new 991 Carrera T (check this link). And we hope to surprise you again soon.

Check an article about our raster posters series.