Queen. A beautiful project car we build.



Is there any reason to build a secret car project for around 3 years?


Yes, if we expect highest quality. And there’s a reason to keep it as a secret. We have noticed nobody wants to wait a few years for a car to be built. That is too long. Time destroys your expectations. It would be way easier to get
a car within a half of a year, right? This project is about it. Choose the interior options, materials, colors and other details like a wireless charger, an invisible sound system, a suspension or wheels. We already have the body and leave you choices that can make you happy or even more happier. And we can finish the car within a half of a year. 




What is ready and what we need to work on?


The chassis is ready. Engine is ready, too. We have a tank, glasses, trimming. The suspension parts are restored and only need to be adjusted according to your preferences. Gauges need to be rebuilt, waiting for incorporating custom graphics chosen by you. The interior was left for your decisions, too. Everything can be customized like seats, floor boards, some usable or even useless but cool accessories and more.




Why does everything take so long?


Imagine, we spent around 1500 hours on the bodywork itself. We needed to restore all rusty parts first, assembled kevlar parts afterwards. The goal was to make everything suit perfectly. Moreover, we didn’t want to fix any imperfections by fillers.





Painting process took 10 months. Is it long? We wanted to be sure every layer of paint is dry. Do you recognize that nasty structure on your painted fender and how pretty it was when you received the car from the body shop? Sun affects paint. It doesn’t affect it when we use high quality materials and… wait until all layers dry one after the other.




Building the engine, collecting a lot of other parts takes time, too. Remember it’s not just buying parts. We even have 4 options regarding a fuel tank. All choices affect everything else. There are always choices. We took around 1300 pics of the building process… and the folder is getting bigger every day. 






What you get.


A beautiful car, road ready and great for everyday use. It’s not even
a restomod. It’s something more. It’s a real, early model with a lot of modern upgrades.





I. Body. We used the original 911T from the 1970 F-model as a base. VIN no: 9110100676

1. DP lightweight, kevlar parts: roof, bumpers, front fenders, rear arches, ducktail, hood.

2. Rear part of the chassis was modified for a newer and better 915 transmission.

3. Full bodywork done. Metal work took a year.

4. The car will be painted to Chiffonweis / Chiffon white body color. Porsche color code: 182.

II. Interior.

1. Custom RSR style seats.

2. An invisible bluetooth audio system. Hidden speakers, an amplifier. Your phone is your radio.

3. An upholstered floor cover instead of a carpet set.

4. A wireless phone charger.

5. A customized gauges set.

6. A short shifter kit.

III. Engine. Safe 250hp.

1. Tuned 3.0 engine.

2. PMO 46 sport carbs for increased power.

3. Sport camshafts for increased power.

4. A more efficient CDI box.

5. A sport exhaust system with SSI manifolds and a GT3 central muffler.

6. A bigger more efficient alternator to produce more energy for the AC system.

7. A more efficient fuel system with a bigger, 100 liters tank.

IV. Suspension. More efficient from G model.

1. Bilstein B6 shocks.

2. An additional rear strut bar to make the car more stable in the corners.

V. Braking system. More efficient but still without servo.

1. Bigger Porsche calipers.

2. Braided, more efficient stainless steel brake lines.

VI. Heating system – lighter, better.

1. A light electric AC system.

2. OEM heating using SSI heat exchangers (the most efficient).

3. We will combine both together to make them look harmonic.

VII. styling. A lot of Car Bone spirit incorporated.

1. CarBone color code.

2. CarBone BI LED headlights.

3. 16” super wide Fuchs wheels.

4. A trunk mat that suits the interior.

5. Engine insulation mats that suit the interior.

6. A lot of energy and know-how incorporated to build a spectacular car.