REDRUM – built to love every day driving.



A classic Porsche is a dream come true for many people. Once that dream is fulfilled, it’s often the case that you don’t want to use your aircooled car every day. And we want to change that. If you don’t know what Redrum is yet, in short, it’s an idea for a complete rebuilding of the aircooled classic, focusing on its interior.


We created a line of products ranging from upholstered floor coverings, sport seats through a hidden audio system, redesigned gauges set to an ac panel with a built from scratch electronics. The solution is a classic, lightweight, tailored to today’s needs Porsche easy to use in everyday life.

The first idea was to keep the Guards Red body. However we decided to strip paint to bare metal and paint it to OLIVE GREEN no. 274 from the original palette.


Redrum in Guards Red body.


This color was used for the SC generation from 1978 to 1980. Is it a good choice? Of course. It will look super unique on the 964 chassis and meanwhile it respects the rules. Original, not custom.


Red Guards vs OLIVE GREEN no. 274


Wheels can make the car look ugly or beautiful. There’s a lot of good choices but we decided to stick with Rotiform VCE. They are beautiful and great for everyday use.  Regarding the suspension, Bilstein B6 with H&R springs is everything you need. Remember we want you to love driving the car, not to keep it in the garage.


We decided to choose Rotiform VCE.



Let’s go into the interior.



The floor cover perfectly harmonizes with the body shape. We designed it with the 964 and 993 generation in mind. After minor modifications, it also fits the G and F models. It’s made of composite. You have several possibilities. We can use carbon fiber, Kevlar or high-quality fiberglass. Then we cover it with leather, fabric, or paint it in the same color as your body. Do you know how much it weighs? Not very much.



3D scans of Redrum interior.


The central console is a place close to your hand and eye. Here you can view a map while travelling and charge your phone. We have studied the angle of inclination of the phone in the docking station for a long time. We have managed to find the optimum position to ensure that you can see the display and that the phone does not fall out during emergency braking. It turned out that the neodymium magnets help. You can wireless charge your smartphone. Wondering why you need such a gadget? The phone is now used as a radio, map, newspaper, TV set and only finally as a phone. Therefore, a car should become an extension of your smartphone and in a safe way make it easier for you to navigate, turn on your favourite music and make phone calls. Wireless Bluetooth communication will replace ugly and unnecessary meters of cables and traditional radio placed in the dashboard. Recently we also thought of a place for a cup of coffee. 


For those who always missed a place for a cup of coffee.


Regarding seats we have some choices. The Recaro Sportster or GT3RS seats would look great. But Recaro Podium is our choice. 



The dashboard is the element you’ll see most often in all its glory. It is a perfect place for jewellery. We’ve rebuilt the gauges to look classic as they did in the first generation in 1964. We also developed a new air conditioning panel. UX. We simplified its functions. It works with the car system and is plugged into a serial port. Knobs, faders, buttons. They look classic, but work in a modern way, illuminating the function icon. You can also plug them into the serial sockets without having to cut and rewind the vehicle wiring harness.


CarBone AC heater panel


We have also developed several other solutions. 

We can rebuild your car. We can find an aircooled classic for you and tailor it to your needs. You can also buy each part separately.