Revitalizing Rob, a 1975 Porsche 911: A Transformation Journey


How the journey began.

The Rob project is a 1975 right-hand drive masterpiece featuring a factory 2.7-liter engine. Hailing from the UK, the owner approached us with concerns about his car's condition. At first he wanted it to be restored to stock condition. After a swift email exchange we decided to pick up the car and inspect it at our workshop.

Upon inspection, the car revealed signs of rust, and the dormant engine hinted at the necessity for meticulous attention. The car officially arrived at our facility on November 30, 2018, sparking our initial plan to perform essential repairs—addressing engine issues, interior concerns, and a fresh coat of paint. However, what started as a minor refurbishment quickly evolved into a comprehensive project.

Our primary goal was to craft a sleeper—a car that defies expectations. 

The engine underwent a capacity boost to 2.9 through a substantial bore kit. We took a bold step in revamping chrome and silver elements, opting for a sleek black paint and anodization. Our Bi-LED headlights and custom deck lid grill and tinted rear lamps are elements that perfectly fit that aesthetic. The finishing touch came in the form of the body's Fashion Grey color, sourced from the iconic 356 palette.

Classic interior for the modern era.

Inside, the interior received a blend of classic and modern elements, featuring custom BF Torino bucket seats finished in a mix of black leather and iconic houndstooth pattern. These materials became the leading motif of the driver’s environment. RS-door cards, dash trim, rear seats and dashboard all play with the mentioned materials. Grey boucle carpets, floor mats and trunk mat further seals the impression complementing both interior and exterior colors.
The car was equipped with a hidden audio system that can be operated with a remote control. The radio unit is hidden inside a glovebox to leave the interior clean. Momo steering wheel and a wooden shifter are a clear nod to the racing heritage of the elfers.

The conclusion.

We completed the Rob project at the end of 2022. Every aspect, from metalwork to engine and suspension regeneration, culminated in a fully rejuvenated vehicle with a bespoke interior. Striking a balance between classic aesthetics and standout design, we believe we've achieved a compelling compromise.

Many of the products showcased in this project are available in our store, allowing you to personalize them according to your car model. Can't decide? We're more than happy to design a 3D concept vision for you.

Embark on your own automotive transformation journey with us—where classic meets contemporary, and every project is a unique expression of passion and craftsmanship.