We are thrilled to unveil our latest project a 912 #StuttGeist. 

#StuttGeist is a 1969 912, with a rebuilt, modest 1.6 on Webbers, all new or restored mechanics. Although it drives awesome, that's not the point in this case. It shows that we are only limited by our imagination, and any vision can be realized. 

The History

 #StuttGeist means a Ghost of Stuttgart. Why a ghost and what it has to do with Stuttgart?! StuttGeist is our nod to history. Stuttgart was founded around 950 AD and soon was famous for the finest horse-breeding and stud farms in Europe. A horse in the crest naturally became the city's coat of arms. Hundreds of years later, it also appeared in the logo of one of the most recognizable car brands of the world. 

A burning image inside the car.

The animals, now, play the main role in our build. The interior covers a dynamic panorama of rushing horses. The animals, in the form of skeleton ghosts, symbolize passing time but also strength and elegance that have accompanied the brand ever since. The spirits are still there, in every bit of every air-cooled classic soul.

The bony motif covers the entire interior. The panorama begins on the back shelf, which features a laser-cut woodcut depicting a rural landscape. You can see a burning barn. Some did not survive, they are dead. The others, surrounded by other creatures, are still running.

The engraved image wraps around the remaining panels, like the heavily modified R-door cards made entirely from wood and ends with a bespoke version of our dash trim made of wood and paint only. The simplicity of the interior is visible on only by the upholstery…or the lack of it, but by the materials used to create it. Leather and wood, animals and the burned barn. Everything has a purpose.

The details matter

The illuminating complement are painted white elements such as: pedal box, shifter base, gauges area. Together with pinstripe velour from OEM Porsche material collection, they strongly but subtly contrast with the grave atmosphere of the project. The build wouldn’t be complete without a set of our black velour floor mats fitting the upholstery.

The exterior

Outside the 912 is visibly worn by time. Damaged but pulling forward. We wanted to retain it that way. The black eyes in the form of our Bi-LED headlights with the classic lenses are a perfect blend of modern tech and classic appeal. A set of vintage racing stickers decorates the body bringing to mind the rich racing history of the brand. A finishing touch is on the roof. A not complete CarBone roof rack is like the skeleton horses, functioning but not full.

The vision would not have been realized without the extremely talented graphic designer @rarr, who illustrated the idea down to the smallest detail. Many thanks to the whole CarBone crew: Upholstery department for flawless implementation. The workshop, without which the car would not "get back on its feet".