Technical decals, stickers and plates.


Golden stickers that were originally used on the engine compartment. 

Some of you know, our business started with a set of technical decals for the first Porsche I have ever had, a 911 SC Targa. My restoration process stuck with me trying to source technical decals for my car. Nobody offered them. I realized the only one way to get the right set for my car would be to recreate them. The most complicated thing was to find good documentation. Thanks to Pelican Parts forum I managed to do it. 


Car Bone started thanks to this car.


The Porsche community is great and very helpful. 


Some members sent me pictures of their original stickers with measuring tape. I recreated a digital file of the set for my car. Notice, these designs weren’t made in a computer. Some designers drew or painted them on film in the ‘60s or ‘70s to make them possible to reproduce. They are not fonts. That’s why I recreated letter by letter by hand in a vector graphics software. I found the correct golden foil. I found the printing house that can print my stickers. I asked for 5 stickers. But I needed to order a minimum quantity of 100 stickers per design. 500 stickers instead of 5. 


Coil stickers.


I wanted my car to be 100% correct.


I ordered them and posted excess on the internet forum. Members had been asking me for other generations stickers. I realized I’m the only one in the world who can recreate them in the right way. Since then, the collection and the team has incredibly grown. 


Technical decals, stickers and plates? We have all of them.


Being correct.


We have the biggest collection of technical stickers and plates in the world and all of them are correct. We supply them for models like 911, 356, all transaxles (924, 944, 968, 928) and special models like 959, Carrera GT. 


The Holy Graal, Porsche 959.

The sticker set for Porsche 959.


How to get the correct set for your car?


The easiest way is to ask us. Share some information with us:

  • Model
  • Year
  • Vin number
  • Body color
  • Interior color
  • Options like heated seats, radio, manual or automatic transmission, etc.



Taking measurements.


Golden stickers.


They are the most important. There are some simple rules for using them. The engine compartment panel contains concave sections. Follow the decal order from left to right:

  • Alternator
  • Tire pressure
  • Vehicle capacities / tires
  • Oil level
  • Valve clearance
  • Firing order

and a timing belt decal placed on an alternator strap.

The first generation (F-model) had more ornamental decals called red borders. Golden decals had black writings outlined by red strokes. They were used from the beginning (model 901) in 1964 till the end of the SWB (short wheel base) type until 1968. It’s not correct but you can put red borders on the LWB (long wheel base) F model too, because they look amazing.


Applying technical stickers is the last part of the restoration process.


VIN B pillar stickers.


Only North American cars had them. They were applied on a B pillar. Porsche started using them in 1969. Some of them are silver, other ones are black. Silver ones were applied on darker body colors. Black ones on lighter body colors. Some stickers have cutted dots but they weren't used every year. All American and RoW models have them from the 996 model till today.


Paint plates and stickers.

Every model is equipped with paint color information. Earlier models like 356 and F-models till the early G model, SC generation had plates with a punched color number. Later models had paint stickers.

The code combination contains:

  • A paint color number.
  • Central digit responsible for the place where the car was painted (9 for Porsche, 8 for Karmann).
  • Right digit responsible for the paint system (1 for Lesonal, 2 for Glasurit, 3 for Herberts, 4 for Standox).


Color, factory and paint system codes.


There are many other technical decals, stickers or plates in various places like fuel injection systems or cooling radiators. It’s impossible to write everything we have learned since the time I transformed my late night hobby into a business but one thing is true. If you restore your car, the last thing you should do is applying technical stickers and plates. It’s important if you want the car to look perfect and to get a great concourse note. Perfect car is worth more for the owner and it makes it more expensive.


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