Door cards CB

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CB door cards dedicated for Porsche cars

Two years ago we came up with an idea to create door cards that will refer with their design to the future as viewed from the 80’s. A lot of our latest products have this idea behind them. The movement is called Cassette Futurism. After hours of designing and clay modeling the first prototypes we have achieved our goal. 

We created a set of modern looking door cards that are well suited for grand touring. Elegant and practical piece designed for everyday use thanks to the armrest and two pockets.

What is the idea behind the CB door cards?

When creating this type of door cards, we set three objectives: provide a comfortable armrest for long trips, equip it with pockets for necessary items and a one-liter bottle, and make sure the design complemented the car's style. We have incorporated design elements from various elfer generations in the styling of these door panels.

What personalization options are available for the door cards?

With this type of door cards we have opened a whole new field of personalization options. You can combine two types of material (for the base board and for the pockets section) to create a texture and color combination that fulfills your desires. 

You can choose the color of the stitching that beautifully goes through the whole handle section making it not just a technical necessity but a splendid detail. 

You can add basket weave or a quilted pattern on the surface above the armrest to create a set that will catch the eye of every passenger. As standard we offer this product in leather / Alcantara versions but we encourage you to send us a message, so we can together create a tailored project for you.