Door Card designed for Porsche cars

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Door Cards dedicated for classic Porsche cars

With over 100 000 possible combinations it's safe to say that CarBone door cards are the most customizable product on our offer. CarBone door panels are made using only the high quality materials. Each set is handmade to ensure the best quality and to tailor it to your car.

What versions are available?

You have a choice of three versions. R-style and RS-style, which are recognizable by a different opening strap system. And the CB version of the door cards that is completely redesigned and equipped with an armrest and pockets, which makes it best suited for long travels. Learn more about them in the categories below.

What Porsche models do the CarBone door cards fit?

Our door panels can be fitted to G-models964 and 993 cars. The installation is completely plug&play. You don’t need to drill any holes and the whole process is reversible, so you can always go back to the OEM spec.

We made them to fit the original door frame mounting points including the door handle. All the pins and screws necessary for installation are included in each set.

How to customize the door cards?

We can add a color accent which does not overwhelm the whole interior. You can make a connection to other car's elements through the color of stitching and straps. Easily replaceable straps are available in sets of 3, 5 and 7 colors, so you can change them for each car meet that you attend making your car fresh for any occasion. 

However you can always change them to leather or more contrasting textile ones. Optional leather straps sets are made from thick, calfskin leather (due to a different opening system in F-models, sadly the leather straps are not advisable for those cars).

Do the door cards have any pockets?

To personalize your set even further you can order a phone pocket with a built-in wireless charger for your smartphone. Another practical element is a map pocket. It is made from the same material as the door panel making it invisible. You can use it to store necessary things like tools, documents or maps.


1. If I order door cards for automatic windows, do they come with new window switch frames?

Each set of door cards comes with new switch frames. It is necessary to use a switch frame to mount the switches. You can still use your original switch frames if they are in a good shape.

2. I would like to use a surface mount main speaker on CB door cards. Can you provide an opening for the main speaker?

Yes, any of our door cards can be ordered with openings for the speakers.Our door cards can accommodate 3 sizes of speakers.

3. Are your door cards sold in a set when ordering, or do I need to add two to the cart?

The door cards are always sold as a pair, 2 pieces. There are also pull straps included. Other parts depend on chosen options.

4. Where do I screw the speakers if I choose the "perforated" style?

If You choose a “perforated” option, You need to screw the speakers directly to the door, not a door card. The perforated door card covers installed speakers.

5. Could you make your door cards in my interior color?

We always try to match the colors of the materials as much as possible. Our parts are made of new materials. Please have in mind that most classic cars have been exposed to UV rays for years and their color could have changed causing visible difference.

6. Can I have stitching in a different color than the material with a matching handle and pull straps?

Yes, you can. We are able to deliver door cards in almost any color combination. We have many textiles and leathers to choose from, as well as stitching, floor edging or pull straps.

7. I have a hard time making this order online.

Yes, we know there are plenty of options to choose from. If you have any questions or you need help completing the order, leave us an email and our advisor will contact you.

8. Is it possible to order a set of these with the leather straps instead of the standard fabric ones?

Our R and RS door cards come with textile straps as standard. Leather straps are available as a separate product here: Leather Door Straps

9. Do you ship to the United States?

Yes, we ship to the USA. We ship worldwide with DHL or DPD.

10. Your website is in Euro. How much is the shipping cost in the U.S. Dollars?

You can change currency displayed on the website with the switch in the website menu.