Yoda from Sweden


One day you realize that the car you drive could be better. It could be “a little bit more” (again). This ‘76 G-model targa arrived late autumn 2017. It’s a RoW car from Sweden. Painted a few times in the era these cars were cheap. I mean badly restored. Our task? Simple, bring it back to its glory.



After dismantling parts and making a list of needed ones we stripped paint to bare metal. After a full inspection we found rust in typical places for this generation. The customer’s choice was to paint the car to green metallic. Oak Green Metallic 265 from Porsche palette. We used super strong clear coat that protects paint for years. Also this color goes nicely with pepita inlets. That’s why we used this pattern inside the car. Pepita boosters and dog’s bed are a nice addition for other passengers.

Gauges are unusual too. They are backdated using silver center caps with RPM gauge painted in Oak Green. It’s all about details so the steering wheel we used is German RAID 1D with old fashioned offset, a wooden shift knob and Yoda portrait on horn button. Perfect match.

You can hear a flatsix orchestra after turning on the engine. Big PMO carbs, light flywheel, SSI exhausts and a few smart upgrades make the car sound incredibly good and it’s pretty strong as well. 172 wheels horsepower and 218 engine horsepower. We didn’t forget about Bilstein B6 suspension, new Kroon wires, Wevo shifter, chroming, anodizing and more and more.

The last step was to apply a full set of our golden technical stickers in the engine compartment. That was the time we realized the car was fully restored.

We finished the car at the end of October 2018. It’s a brand new car now. We have restored every single part and changed some of them. Many hours spent to make it looks so great. Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce Yoda. The Swedish Green Master of Jedi Order.

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