RS - Door Cards designed for Porsche cars

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RS-style door cards dedicated for Porsche cars

Inspired by a racing sport model of the 964 generation. The quilting in the rear side of the door panel is probably the first thing that you will notice. It allows you to personalize it by choosing different materials and colors for this part. 

What colors are available?

We can customize them to match your taste and needs. You can combine various fabrics to match them to the rest of your interior or make a unique piece. You can change not only the colors of the material but also get colorful stitching and straps. We can match the material of the door cards to the rest of your car’s interior. 

You can purchase additional sets of straps in 3, 5 and 7 colors, so you can easily change the look according to your mood. Phone pockets with wireless charger or a map pocket are the accessories that make this product practical for everyday use.

What elements of the door cards can be modified?

Our car door panels can be modified to fit your classic elfer in any configuration. You can choose things like:

  • door lock
  • tweeter and main speaker designs
  • manual or automatic windows
  • map pocket
  • phone pocket with a wireless phone charger

How hard are the car door panels to install?

We design our products so you can go back to the stock look and their installation is always reversible. That’s why in our door cards the opening movement comes from the same place as in standard G-models. This change makes our product completely plug&play and you don’t need to modify your door frame.