Poker Face. A 964 Restoration.

To make a long story short…

Once upon a time my friend, Rafal, asked me to buy a few classic models. This beautiful 964 Carrera 4 was one of them. Rafal didn’t want to keep the car. I placed an ad and then a new owner, Tomek appeared. Tomek wanted to drive the car everyday but the car didn’t really want to be driven everyday… Alternator belt broke during the first drive. Some fuel distribution problems, meanwhile I broke the only key. Some other issues happened. The car was tired. Too tired to use it as a daily driver.

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Technical decals, stickers and plates.
Golden stickers that were originally used on the engine compartment. 

Some of you know, our business started with a set of technical decals for the first Porsche I have ever had, a 911 SC Targa. My restoration process stuck with me trying to source technical decals for my car. Nobody offered them. I realized the only one way to get the right set for my car would be to recreate them. The most complicated thing was to find good documentation. Thanks to Pelican Parts forum I managed to do it. 
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Petrolicious collaboration
Do you know anyone who doesn’t recognize Petrolicious? I don’t think so. They create quality, original videos and articles about classic cars, top automotive brands for classic cars enthusiasts. The publications often carry nostalgic stories about forgotten car brands, models, they perfectly grasp the beauty of classic motoring. These are true stories that always win.
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Yoda from Sweden
One day you realize that the car you drive could be better. It could be “a little bit more” (again). This ‘76 G-model targa arrived late autumn 2017. It’s a RoW car from Sweden. Painted a few times in the era these cars were cheap. I mean badly restored. Our task? Simple, bring it back to its glory.
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